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Product Photography

Product photography covers a lot of ground. Food photography is a specialized niche, and restaurants need to advertise their meals and create their menus. Jewelry is another favorite type of product photography since this requires the perfect balance of light and preparation.

Fashion Photography

In this style of glamour photography, the look of the photographs is everything. Lighting must be perfect. This is a job that is also focused on the model, so a majority of the photographers time is spent posing and directing models and scenes to get the look desired from the publication.

Fine Art Photography

this is the one with no rules. Fine art photographers create art. They display their work in galleries and at art shows, and generally, they sell a finished, framed print product to their customers.Fine art images are about capturing emotional responses and communicating with the audience.

Event Photography

event photography is a dynamic and fast-paced way to make a buck with your camera. Whether your beat is corporate events or wild and crazy rock concerts, event photographers work in a variety of settings.

Advertising or Lifestyle Photography

Advertising photography can include a range of subjects, like street photography, lifestyle photography, fashion photography, or product photography.

Architectural Photography

Details captured include the exteriors and interiors, and subtle details that make the building's design unique. Architectural photography requires some special techniques and equipment to minimize distortion and perspective problems that become apparent on a building’s many right angles. High-quality architectural pictures are difficult to get right, and realtors will pay for professional photos especially in the high-end market..